Saturday, 20 August 2011

Figure in comfort company cases.

A few years ago, I needed some storage and so bought a couple of "Midi" sized cases with foam trays from the then (previous) owners. They were great cases. But two is usually enough to lug to the club and back. So when I spotted the new company boxes. Basically a simple correx or corrugated plastic box, which stored four trays of 28mm figures. The solution to my problem was at hand. I now have a stack of these handy and more importantly, very affordable cases, for storage at home. I then either take the company box to the club, or if taking more than one force, quickly take out the trays and pop them into the Midi cases. As we tend to do go through phases of playing differing system each week at the club, it is not really a hassle. The boxes are remarkably sturdy and so far, my olded one is now two years in age and still going strong.

(Above - Figures in Comfort Midi Case)
Also, aside, from the fact the Company boxes and other cases they do are in my view the best out there, by far. The new owners Eric and his wife are extremely helpfull as well as knowledgeable on their trays.

(Above - Figures in Comfort Company Box)

On the matter of foam quality, in my time I have had battlefoam trays, GW trays, KR trays and some from WOTC for their figures range they briefly did. All have been far too soft in the base and either torn with use, or come unstuck. My olded FIC tray is now, 5 years old and still going strong. You can also pick up an entire tray of 28mm white metal figures and not have it fold in half. Having had that happen to me a few times with my other trays, its not only frustrating as everything falls out, but the damage to the figures is just not good.
If you are in the market for figure storage, and you are weighing up your options, then give the FIC trays alook. I seriously cannot rate them high enough.

Figures in Comfort Website - Here!

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