Sunday, 1 April 2012

Warboot 7 - Table Sale - Report and Photos

Went to Warboot number 7 today. These table sale events, which are effectively a wargaming car boot sale, just held indoors. Are a great place to hunt for bargains. And some serious bargains at that. Always a bit of gamble and have been known to come away almost empty handed. But more often than not, there are some great finds to be had.
Just have a read through some of my previous reports on them  and see.

So at the club on Thursday, it was decided no one else was going. So I had written off the idea. However a friend who hadn't been down to the club decided to head down (cheers Jon) and I agreed to split the petrol.

So..we headed for Walkden and the Memorial Hall where the MAWS club meet,and today's venue.
Got there just as it was opening. £1 to enter and free tea and coffee, with snack also available.
There were a couple of traders there, one being Lesley's bits box and another I forgot to get the details of, but the rest were mostly private sellers and the odd "semi trader" types, selling everything from 6mm too 54mm scales and every period you can image.. with the usual Flames of War and 40K and Warhammer Fantasy of course.

After one circuit, I had grabbed some rare LOTR metal mordor orc figures for under £1 a pop. I then clocked a sizable ORK Fantasy Army, unpainted but mostly assembled and for £30 was very well priced. I watched, as one lad bartered for an entire Warmachine army, kador I believe, painted for got it for £60 quid.. the shear number of war jacks in it and mostly metal at that meant it was a bargain. I also spotted a big bag of foundry celts, 24 for £10, but I resisted.

I was hunting for a few more LOTR bits and found some metal dwarf archers and vault warden team. Whilst browsing these the chap also had a box of random modor pieces. An offer was made for the entire box and dwarfs.. and we shook on £22. And with that, my budget was blown. I had picked up farmer maggot and his hounds in a blister for £1 a minute before too. There were several other bargains, but my budget was blown and I was rather happy.

Here are some shots. The numbers were good though the photos may not show it.. as the "avoid the soul stealing imp in a box" gene kicked in every time I tried to snap a photo. The camera battery was going flat so couldn't take too many shots.

But here you go!

One fo the warboot regulars. Has a large selection of individual painted and unpainted GW stuff.

Errr something games, or some such. Sorry bad memory. Chaps sell a good range of stuff. From FOW to westwind and the like.

Sorry, still cannot recall the trading name. But you can see the array of bits they had.

The stall where I got my bargain box of GW Lotr.. two yougsters with very reasonable prices.

These "cowboys" had several bargains, inc my Fantasy orcs buy.

Another stall with mix of painted and unpainted figures.

Another stall of various bits. Including lots of books. I had to ressist.

Lesleys bits box stall in the corner with his usual array of GW and other pieces and some other stalls to the right.

One of the "smaller" tables. Still with some nice pieces.
 As many of the tables are leased/booked by private sellers, the stuff for sale can be a bit random, but there were things such of the Forgeworld books etc going for literally a quarter of their shelf prices. Various historical books ranging for 50p to several pounds. And lots of bartering to be done.

Another laden table with all sorts of things. I was very tempted by some foundry celts on this one.

The headless stall-man. In this lot, I found a GW Farmer Maggot with hounds for a £1 in blister!
So, another worth while trip over to Walkden. And many thanks to Paul Reid and the others from the MAWS club who helped to organise it.
The attendance looked good and hopefully it was worth while for the various people and traders selling. In the past our club has booked a group table and we have each taken stuff to sell and taken in turns in manning the table. The atmosphere is friendly, the sellers are usually very keen to help and haggle. Its all good fun and you can find some really nice bargains at times.

So, now I have even more stuff to paint. hmmmm  Arrrhh well. The thing is, I went with the hope of finding some D&D Miniatures pre-painted plastics for my dungeon and dragons rpg games. In previous years there were several sellers with this, alas, none this time. My hunt for more cheap D&D's pre-paints shall continue.

Now off to work out what number of what I have in this ork fantasy army.. this could be fun.

Oh, before I sign off. Paul Ried has said he is thinking of aiming to hold the next one for November time all being well.

Warboot Website is here out of interest;


lrqan said...

I'm glad I was not there. I can resist anything but temptation!

Goose on the loose said...

I know the feeling. :)
I was lucky in that I took a very modest budget with me and when it was gone, it was gone. Best way I think with these types of events.

Zombie Ad said...

Cool idea, I hadn't heard of this. Good luck with your search!

Goose on the loose said...

Yes, Warboots have been going for a while. At least three or so years in manchester. Probably done else where under a different name as such.

Kind of like a giant bring and buy. Very good for bargain hunting, as you get people who are preppared to sell things for what they want.

They are pretty friendly and its fun trawling through the boxes and trays and hunting out bits and pieces. Really enjoy them.