Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gaming Disasters & Crushing Victories

Any wargamer who has gamed for a while will know, the bitter taste of defeat and the ecstatic delights of victory.

But there are times, when, it is possible snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory and vise verse.

So have a look at this photo! And see if you can tell why the Player kneeling down, has such a big grin on his face?
If you look closely you should see a big line of Kroot. A white scars army on its transport tray. A ref examining the rules and one shocked Russian player.

The game was in an international 40K tournament. The white scars player (in white T-shirt) had chosen to deploy his entire force on turn 1, in reserve. His opponent, the chap with the grin, having explain he had infiltrators during the list check, then deployed his two squads of Kroot, in his opponents deployment zone, exactly 4" apart. Thus, preventing the Russian player from legally being able to enter the battle field on turn two to contest it.

Probably one of the shortest games of 40k ever!

The grin on the winners face, just says it all!

I think one of the great things that keeps us going back to this hobby and playing game after game, is that there is always that chance you will make that mistake or that move which will see you hailed king or a fool.. hell we have all done it. We have all made those mistakes, when deploying or moving etc when you suddenly think,, oops.. I shouldn't of done that, when your opponent then crushes you into the ground.

So come on then, what was your worst mistake or greatest victory?

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