Monday, 2 April 2012

A quater the way to the new year! Eeek!

So, its the 2nd of April already. Wow. Time has certainly flown. This year has been a busy one. And sadly not all painting and wargaiming.

At this point I am tempted to a recap of my set objectives for the year wargaming wise, and a comparible list of achievements.

However, why depress my self.? Yes a complete failure in most areas. Arh well next year will be different..

On a serious note. I do actually plan to get some more movement on some of my projects. I want to get a few more zombies done shortly so I can get the first lot varnished and on the table for some games. Given the quantity there is still a lot to do, I probably won't get them all done in one go.

I also have my Starship Troopers to get moving along too. Using the AT-43 figures are proxies for these means I can focus on the arachnid forces for the moment and get some more units done.

I have also got my Merp/fantasy campaign to get done. I have some work still to do on the map and backgrounds. And the next game to get planned.
So its all go, but not going too quickly, apart from time. That seems to be flying by at the moment.

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Zombie Ad said...

1/4 of the way through... eeek!

So much stuff to do! :)