Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Orcs - A box full of them.

Took a moment to have alook through the boxes of orcs I bought. Three random boxes stuffed with loose figures and some sprues, titled "Orc Army" and costing me £30 at Warboot on sunday. (See show reports for details).

So, having gone through the boxes it appears the lot contain;

32 Goblin Spider Riders - Inc 2 shamans types with banners or some such.
21 Goblins, with bows. A couple with spears
3 Goblins with Nets (metals)
8 Goblin Fantatics (metals)
4 Squigs (metal) no herders etc.

2 Spear chuckers with crews. (metal)
3 Trolls

60 Orc Archers
52 Orc warrors/sluggas boys with five banners.

2 Chariots missing the boars, but with the rest from the look of it.

So.. not bad. If I can find some loose boars at a show for the chariots and the hero then it looks a pretty reasonable army.

The only snag is, I wasn't actually planning to buy a fantasy army. I like watching the odd game, but to be able to play it, it will mean buying the rule book and the relavent army book. Which frankly is too much cash to spend on a side project right now. So it looks like if I decide to keep them, they will be a longer term projects.


lrqan said...

Some things are just TOO shiney!!!!

styx said...

I found my current copy of the rules online in a PDF form and printed it out. cost was $0....most army books are free if you look around. I found the Tomb King PDF and saved a few bucks to invest into the army instead.

You could always watch EBay or trade places, I know sometimes bitz sites will sell the mini rules for $20.