Friday, 6 April 2012

Some people just make you sick. Dwarven Forge Wonder!

Ever since I bought my first sets of Dwarven Forge, I have always wondered at the imagination, creativity of the ranges creator and that of fellow collectors.

It is easy to build simple single level rooms, passages, caves etc. But the real wonder of Dwarven Forge, is the fact, that you can build upwards. With care of course.

And adding that extra dimension of height can really add to a layout.

As someone who made an investment in sets at a time when I was in work and had a good level of disposable income. I have always had to game else where, rather than at home. Due to the geography of my gaming groups. That has always meant, packing my boxes of DF in the car and coming up with some novel storage solutions, which came in the form of some large 35ltr plastic storage boxes, which using the stack ability of DF pieces, meant I could put in one or two layers of 5mm plywood and thus fit two or three sets into one storage box at a time. And it also made it easer to find the pieces you need as the boxes are see through.

Thus, when I am always envious when I see a layout like this;

Firstly oh to have a dedicated gaming room, large enough for a good sized gaming table area, and then to have permanent figure storage, where figures can be easily got at and safely returned too after a game.

Alas, till I win a lottery or find a rather wealthy wife, its a good old 6'x2' with may be a board across the top for me.. and usually at a mates house.

But it still nice to have something to aspire too. You can see more of this chaps stunning layouts and work here; 

And incase you have not had your appetite whetted enough, have alook at these..

I always find new ideas and techniques etc in other peoples designs and I particularly like the way this chap has used, a mix of non Dwarven Forge items with his sets to expand the layouts and usability. I know a few people will rightly point out, that its pricey. Hell yes it is! VERY! And that a pen and paper is all the "old timers" had, before this fancy painted miniatures etc came long, but frankly, I don't care!

I love Dwarven Forge. I love the fact it lasts. Its durable and it helps bring to life my fantasy worlds in which I play my role playing games in and sometimes my wargames.

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