Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Still alive..

Hi Folks, Yes I am still alive. Apologies for the delay updates. I have another hobby that occasionally, takes a lot of my time up. So that one, has been pulling at me of late.

I have picked up some more Lord Of The Rings (LOTR) figures from that well known auction site. So these are now being stripped back with detol and waiting for some painting time. These are for my fantasy campaign that has had to pause for a little while.
The details will get posted sooner or later. Once again apologies for those waiting to read them.

With the recent news about Royal Mail putting their prices up. It looks like the gaming market could take a hit. The majority of goods are probably now days sold via mail order. Well certainly here in the UK where our business taxes, rents and rates have killed off most of the independent hobby stores, and are even now hitting the Goliath that is Games Workshop.

So come the 30th of April it will be interesting to see how it affects the hobby and things in general. Sending letters is going down they say, yet I seem to get more and more junk. If it kills the junk mail then I might be happier slightly, but I don't want to see it hammer up prices for traders.

I am still no nearer to deciding what game to put on or play in, this July. As i am helping run it, as usual.. its going to be an interesting one. I probably won't have the time to get a whole new project done in time. So it will have to be something I already have done or part finished, or I might just participate in a game this year for a change.

I really enjoy running and DM-ing games. But there are times when you just wish to play. So some more pondering on that one is required.

I was looking recently at my huge lead mountain and particularly my WW2 collection. There is several years worth of work in it, to get it all on the table. Even at only gaming standard painting. (Which frankly is about as good as I get). I need to plan which units to get painted and in what order. But I keep getting distracted with other That is the evil temptation of being part of a hobby with so many periods etc.

I hope your own projects are flourishing, as we are already nearing the end of the third month this year.

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Zombie Ad said...

As a consumner and retailer the price changes are a bit of a bind, still, it is almost an inevitability of the world. Stiff upper lip and we carry on.