Friday, 30 September 2011

Off to Derby World Wargames - As sponsored by Warlord Games.. caaaatchiiing!

Well it is not too often I feel the thrumb of excitement, but it feels like an age since Triples earlier this year. And so am off to Derby University this weekend for the World Wargames Show.. as sponsored by Warlord Games..

Usually Derby is one of the last events for the year, though we have been to Pudsey in the past. This year however, with the fact I have limited my gaming projects and am currently out of work.
Derby is a walk in, wander around, see what bits I sell on the bring and buy, and if I find anything of interest within my price range.

I usually grab a few bits off the "Tree Fellas" as they make great scenery for 28mm and at good prices. I have a been grabbing four or five packs at each show for a couple of years and so have a fairly large assortment of walls and hedges  and may start to look at the trees they do.

Apart from that, its bargain hunting and generally browsing for me. I don't have much space spare, for books so I don't plan to buy any. I haven't read nearly a quarter of my current collection properly. So they need working through first.

Will be nice to just bimble and see. Will be taking the camera to try and actually take some photos. I did one year,, all of about 4 if I recall. lol

So, about to clamber into the attic and delve through my collection for a few things to put on the bring and buy.

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