Sunday, 25 September 2011

Club Gaming Weekend - 24th and 25th Sept 2011 - Spacehulking

Firstly apologies for the delay in progress on my other projects. One excuse has been the prep for a club weekend gaming session. Our gaming club is very fortunate to have access to a large hall where why usually run our annual gaming show "Gauntlet".
And a few weeks ago a few club members mentioned, wanting a weekend to run larger games that ordinarily couldn't get run in a club night. So we booked the hall and I sorted the tables and whalla. A two day gaming session was at hand.

I decided for ease and with a lack of time etc to run a game of my Spacehulk 3rd Edition the RGP I have been working on. So with four willing victims, sorry players. Two of my own sets of space hulk and one on loan. I built up a three level space hulk.

My Space Hulk Table during Saturday Break, exuse the clutter.

Each player had a single squad of five terminators. Their mission was to recover the CAT from where it had become stranded on the third level as its datacore contained vital mission data.

Each level contained a "nest", which as a secondary objective the marines were tasked with retrieving a bio sample from. Not an easy task.

Each squad contained one character, and four marines. Either a captain, an inquisitor, librarian, techmarine, apothocary or chaplain. The four players chose the captain, techmarine, librarian and inquisitor.
It was chaotic and mad fun. To say the least.

Tyranid Nest Tile in centre ground on 2nd Level as terminators try and hold their bridge head on the level.
Ambush! The genestealers launch an ambush on the second level!
A Warrior about to give a terminator some grief!
One of the Fields of Glory Games
Warrior Heroes Game
Pony Wars - Cavalry on the move!
Indians in the hills
The cavalry preparing to ride out from the fort.
Butch and Sundance in sight of the Fort.
The Pony Express reaches Custer at the Outpost.
Having ignored the nest on the first level the marines decide to go back and finnish it off!
Troll minders keeping the wolf riders going the right way!

I didn't get any photos of the Flames of War games or the Blackpowder game that were run sorry.

Over all a great weekend. Drank copious cups of coffee and tea, the bar down stairs did excellent food at lunch time and ate far too much junk food. I don't think I have laughed quite so much during a game and usually at Tom's exspence of rolling doubles or unable to roll higher than 3 on 2D6. Despite that, my players all said they had a great time and that really is what its all about.
Might try and organise another for the spring!


Shelldrake said...

Great to see I am not the only one left in the world that knows about Pony Wars :-D

This game influenced my solo gaming in a big way.

Goose on the loose said...

Simon who ran the game was using his own rules, but I can easily see how Pony Wars would make a great solo game.

If i had not been running a game of my own. I would have definitely liked to have played that one.

The figure he said were from Brittania miniatures. I might have to hunt out a few at some point in the future.

The Extraordinarii said...

Nice weekend of gaming there you lucky bugger, the pony wars stuff also took my notice.... must get back to my American Indian plains war project.