Friday, 30 September 2011

28mm Hard Plastic Marines - By Defiance Games

I spotted this thread today on TMP about these;

Defiance Games not so long ago released some fluff on their gaming system/brackground etc. It got a rough reception, firstly as it contain a lot of proffanity and possible racist comments about the Chinese. I think it was more a poor choice of "slang", rather than an actual attempt to be racist in publishing. That aside, they have been promising a range of figures.

And here is the first. Apparently going to be a hard plastic miniature range. So interesting to see how they do, how tricky they are to build and how they match with other gaming systems.

On the whole I like the figure. Its got a look, and much will depend on the factors I mentioned previously. So its one for the sci-fi fans to keep an eye out for. If I learn anything new, I will keep you informed.

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