Sunday, 2 October 2011

Derby Wargames Show 1st Oct 2011 Photos and Report

Up at 5.30am. Picked up club mates at 7.00am. Picked up another club mate at 8am and on our way to Derby. Roads clear, sunny hot day, and so got to venue for 9.00am.
Not allowed in this year till 9.30am. (Previousl years been allowed to get food, in cafe, but not this year).

The main hall lower area.
The show layout was the usual. Though this year they had some demo games in a hall to the rear of the main one. Which had to be accessed from the out side. This was poorly sign posted really and I think a lot of people didn't realise they were there at all. Assuming it was part of the competition.
Main hall ramp way. Offensive miniatures on left.

Demo game. The churches on this board were scratch built. Lovely!
There were some lovely demonstration games and even some participation games. This one above had some stunning scratch build scenery.
The table was very nice. Infact I thought was the nicest there.

A scratch build, that was very very nicely done.

Ainsty has a new range of 28mm figures. Inc Captain Scarlet!

Ainsty Casting were back and with a range of new releases from Pirate ships to Captain Scarlet figures and mad scientists. Some lovely pieces and I can see a few winding their way into my collection at a later date. The pirate ships were impressive lumps of resin and with nice white metal detailing.
New Pirate Ship models from Ainsty. These are lovely.

Ainsty sewer setup.

28mm Captain Scarlet figures and scientists. Nice.

Captain Scarlet - had to ressist very hard, from buying these.
Ainsty have some new released out and their range is still expanding.

Warlord Games Operation Squad Demo Game

I was keen to see Operation Squad, being played. As warlord had dumped "Rules of Engagement" it seems in favour of their own rule set. Not seen it played and so watched with interest. My first impressions I have to say, was not good. The game seemed too complex, and it did not grab me. I had a quick flick through the rule book (see photo below). Production wise I was, dissapointed. Its not perfect bound, the ink was rubbing off several pages from use and, though there are images etc in side. I was not impressed enough to buy it. I think I will stick with RoE for my platoon games and our home rules for squad ones.
Warlord Games Operation Squad Demo Game

Warlord Games Operation Squad Rule Book - Tokens etc.
The Operation Squad Rule book and a few tokens. See comment above.
28mm Romans Game. Nice!
On a up point, I did like this Roman 28mm game. The table was nice and I could feel myself thinking it would be nice to do ancients. But not this year.. thats one for about 2020 at my current rate.
6mm Gettysburg Game - Impressive as it was about 2x2' in size.
Now for something tiny.. 6mm.. The gettysberg game was impressive for the tables detailing and miniatures. Though the table is more like 2mm scale. The chap running it was very helpfull and enthusiastic and i can see a lot of effort went into it. I know very little on ACW. Its like ancients a period I would like to game but not yet. He obviously loved the period and was well read on the subject. And won the friendliest demo game award from me, for theshow.

Desert WW2 game. No one would tell me what it was about.
In complete contrast is this WW2 game. I stood and watched and tried to find out what it was about. The two chaps I saw playing it, ignored me! So I carried on. Table looked interesting, but if you are not prepared to talk to show-goers why are you there?

Nice board, not the most forthcoming demonstration.

Nice board, again no info easy to find.
OK, I couldn't find any info on this game, and I must have cought them at lunch or something. See empty chairs.
See above.

Like the models and terrain.

I did like the figures and scenery. Some nice work.

The roman game. Hmmm tempting.
Nice Roman Game in 28mm

ECW game in 28mm
A very nice ECW game. Another period I know little on and hold little interest at the moment. But hats off to them for a nice table and lovely figures.
Middle floor area in Main Hall

Some 28mm / 1:48 scale resin terrain.

Field Works no longer do their 28mm items any more. Shame.

Tomorrow's War by Ambush Alley on Caliver Books Stand along with Ambush Valley for Force on Force.
I thought Tomorrow's War was not out yet or Ambush Valley for Force on Force. But there were copies for sale from Caliver. I did not indulge, as I have the original Ambush Valley.

So over all a fun day out with friends. The lack of personal hygene issues were evident again. I had to vacate the bring and buy on two occasions. . The rugby fans were screaming when England Won, wathcing the tele in the main hall a trader I presume had brought.

The food and drink in the cafe was ok. Not too pricy. The living history and re-enactors were present, and had some nice bits to see and talk about.

My overall spend was about £21 on four books and a pot of basetex paint from colourparty. So not the biggest shopping trip, but a fun and relaxing day out. Weather was a definite benefit.

So thats it, I think for the year, show wise now!


Pete Jones said...

I was very surprised that there was no runny honey on the Bring & Buy.

The classic moment for us was seeing a very large gentleman dripping sweat into a box of figures on a traders stall...hmmmm.

Food was okay in the cafe but the service was bl**dy awful on both days. The woman serving me walked off as she couldn't work out the cost of my scone to be replaced by another lady who added 30p to my current order and still didn't know the price of the scone!

Goose on the loose said...

Ewwww.. but I can believe it.

Didn't have any issue, really with the food stuff, but was on there for the day mind.

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the mini review of the WW2 Squad game. By the sounds of it I will stick to ROE myself.

Giles said...

Great pics - thanks for sharing.

The Extraordinarii said...

Yeah thanks Goose for the pics and review of the show, I always appreciate it when someone posts this sort of content, It gives us a chance to see what we missed out on.

Dude sweating in miniatures box....errr gross, and what is it with smelly poeple and shows ??? like take a shower first!

Goose on the loose said...

It was one of the hottest days of the year, especially this time of year, but even so. I took a spare t-shirt in the car, and a can of body spray, as I suspected it would get sticky inside. Infact it was not too bad temperature wise indoors. And we all got a bit hot by the end of the day. But there is definitely no excuse for the levels of lack of personal hygene we saw on the saturday.

brian_smaller said...

And did they have Convention T shirts for sale in all the required sizes? L, XL, XXL, XXXL and Wargamer?


Goose on the loose said...

No t-shirts for sale as far as I was aware..

You did get half a free plastic sprue from Warlord and a White metal mini, from someone else.

Did make me laugh that the two sponsors, were stuck where they were last time, in not very prominant spots. Which struck me as odd..