Monday, 3 October 2011

JTFM 1/56 WW2 Vehicles - Price Reduction

A bit of news from over on TMP:

Jeff has reduced his prices on some of his range. And the price reduction should be passed onto their sub suppliers. So hopefully here in the UK, might seen them dip.

As far as 1/56th scale WW2 vehicles go. JTFMs range is the best in terms of detail and range. Warlord are still expanding theirs, but I have found the detailing on JTFM models is quite something indeed. The only issue has been in last twelve months, Bob at Wargames Command post has stopped stocking them, which is a shame, as the prices have edged up too.

Still one of the best ranges and well worth a look. Currently available from Great Escape Games and North Star in the UK. Or direct from them;

Photo by Troops of Shew reproduced from TMP

Photo by Troops of Shew reproduced from TMP

These two examples of the Panzer IVs and the Shermans from JTFM are from Troops of Shew painting service. Though he has obviously done a fair bit extra to these, the basic models each comes with a big bag stowage, track sections, ammo boxes etc, that you can happily spent hours sticking on and placing to make each vehile an individual. I just wish I could paint mine that well.

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