Saturday, 26 November 2011

Terminators - In 28mm - A little Project.

I came across a link to this battle report at the time, posted on TMP.
Terminators: Cold War Factory Raid

I have been thinking for a while of doing a terminator game. And this enjoyable report and photos got me thinking.

I had a rummage around looking for possible models and general it came down to;
and - Terminator Robots.

I liked both ranges, but chose to get a few from Em-4. A couple of the models were showing as out of stock and a quick email to them, got a swift reply, from Doug, to say he would check as the moulds needed re-doing on a couple. He had a look, but was out of shop stock, but was kind enough to take some out of the show stock. (Cheers Doug).
So having promised, not to deviate from SST and my Vietnam projects. I find my self with a about 20 or so robots to paint. At least my plan is to paint hem very quickly. Black undercoat. Dry brush dark metal. Then light dry brush of shiny metal, the exact shades still to be chosen. Oh and paint some red for the eyes. A recent eBay win, got me a terminator salvation Hunter Killer toy, based on the latest film. Its is a little bigger scale wise than it should be. And is going to prove fun to mount on a flight stand. But it is about as good as I can get.

Rules System wise I plan to use, Arkula's rules as they did in the link. The rules are simple and great for zombie type games.

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