Saturday, 26 November 2011

Conan and all things Barbarian by Matakishi

I discovered the Matakishi blog, sometime back around 2008 I think. Directed toward it, due to the articles on building with cork building tiles and his impressive Carentan WW2 layout that he built.

Since then, I have regularly popped by to admire and steal inspiration from his various projects and curse the almost god like production/painting rate, he achieves.

The Crom Campaign, sparked some interest, as a group of fellow club mates are presently playing a fantasy campaign, at skirmish level and it is something I have longed to do. Having done a lot of RGP tabletopping in the past. I have always liked fantasy type generes and have a goodly sized collection of plastic pre-paints. I have also been given a bit biscuit tin full of lead miniatures, from a friend, which were abandoned by a former tennant of theirs.
Mostly grenadier.. now before I embark upon yet another project. I have so far left the tin un-touched. As most need stripping of paint and repainting.

Anyhow I digress. I just wanted to share the above link and generally say I am not jelous at all. Honestly.. not at all.. Not one tiny tiny bit..

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