Sunday, 6 November 2011

Starship Troopers Battle Report AAR - Game 3

This was the third game of Starship Troopers the Miniatures Game we have played.
Again my opponent was my friend Steve. As we are still learning the rules and getting to grips with the game. I came up with a very simple scenario.

The MI had to reach and retrieve a data core from a defunked CHAS unit that had been scouting the area.

The MI force consisted of an LT, three squads and two NCOs. One mounted in an M8 Ape Marauder. (We proxied these with AT-43 UNA figures and a fire toad).

The CHAS is from the SST range and so are all the warrior bugs.
I began with two units of 10 warrior below ground. Three obvious tunnel entrances. Two units of 7 and one of 6 warriors above ground.

The MI deployed from one narrow edge. With a tight deployment zone. They LT was in the centre with one NCO. A squad to his right and two to his left. The M8 was to his right and backed up the first squad. 

The CHAS stranded awaits rescue, well recovery of the data core and then detonation. 

The chas

The swarms begin to move. The MI did not fire in their first turn.  But by turn two they were blazing away. The withering morita fire slices up warriors the first two swarms. 

The MI by turn three had thinned the bugs numbers. But one or two had god close and with reaction kicking in it got brutal. Unfortunately for me, the MI weight of fire did decimate the leading swarms before they could do much more than kill a single trooper. 

Turn four saw the wipe out of my two lead swarms and the third one having emerged from the forrest. The M8's fire power, proved potent, though it took two hits before taking down the last of the third initial swarms. I moved one of my reserve swarms out. And my two burrowing swarms continued their advance. 

The first squad on the right, got too close to a bug hole and my cave-in i had bought cause two casualties.. more than my warriors had achieved so far. The burrowing warriors emerged behind the M8 in an ambush and took the M8 down. Unfortunately I was not quite close enough to get the LT and the NCO, but only just. The LT and NCO readied. The third and second squads were in reaction range and my emerging swarm was slashed with morita and flamer fire and wiped out. But not before i had managed to take down another trooper. The last ten strong warrior unit, having emerged and been spotted was lashed with fire and two rockets in artillery mode the following turn and it was basically all over for me.

I conceded a good victory. The MI had more points worth than me. And I should have been more aggressive with my bigger ten strong units or at least some of them starting out early. The MIs fire power potential is high and the flamers are potent things being squad weapons and thus getting reactions unlike the missile launchers.

It was fun and enlightening. Will be nice once I get my MI build and painted. I need to get more bugs made up so can start to vary the units in the games a little, but whilst we are still getting to grips its not too bad.

Looking forward to the next game.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic to see the game still being played! I myself have recently just started up, and it's definitely inspiring to see stuff like this.

P.S. Where did you find that CHAS bot, if I may ask.

Goose on the loose said...

Thanks. I have a farily large collection of SST, for arachnid, MI and Skinnie forces. Just 99% if still un built or painted yet. The game is good fun. Just the rules are a pain to read. It is not the best rule book out there.

The chas units came painted from Mongoose (staff member was selling up). (If you are happy with a proxy, try pig iron miniatures war bot).

These days the only place to find SST stuff at reasonable prices, are wargames shows bring and buys. Shop stocks are down to the last odd box here and there.

You can try ebay, but you have to be careful. There are some scammers about now, prices of some bits have reached the tens of pounds per fig.

I am still hunting for all sorts of bits, but cliffe mites and a mantis hunter, are the only models missing from my arachnid collection. But are near impossible to find. But I keep looking.

Hope you enjoy the game.

Donnie said...

Rebel minis now have cliff mites if you havent already found some. :)

Jim Casey said...

Nice to see the figures being played!


Goose on the loose said...

Cheers.. I still have 80% plus of the collection to assemble and paint, and so sadly taking along time to get done, but still a great system and great fun to play.

Glad you liked the battle report and I will definitely get some more up in the near future.