Sunday, 10 February 2013

No More Room In Hell - Zombie Rules by Iron Ivan Games

Well, as many of you will know. I have a long term zombie horde of 28mm miniatures sitting on my painting table currently gathering dust errr yeh less of that for now.

Anyhow.. with the eventual aim of getting them onto the table. I have been looking at rules options.
Lots out there. Some commercial and some free sets on freewargamesrules website.

Lots of choice. AR:SE is a good set. Simple and fast to play.
But I like a little more of a RPG type options in terms of getting better and interactions with scenery.
Ambush Z is ok, but again a rule set that has a particular style and one I didn't hit it off with.

So, when I spotted No More Room In Hell being offered for £7.50 on a wargames store website. I thought it worth the risk.

So far I have had a quick flick through. Its not too bad. A small glimmer of hope is alight at the end of the proverbial zombie infested tunnel. So now looking forward to giving it a try and seeing what I think.

I will do a full write up as and when I get the chance to play a few games.

For now I can only comment on the art/binding/quality. For the usual £20 price it can be got for.. NOPE!. The book has a colour cover but is grey scale. It is thin card cover with stapled half fold spine. Now a few colour photos would be nice, but mostly a better more sturdy binding would be more important and I think lets it down a little.

That said, if you look after your books and are not harsh of them, it should last. However if you having gaming friends who insist on wrestling their way through a book over and over, chances are after a season or two of gaming it may to start shedding pages.

As for the content, the layout is fairly logical and I commend Iron Ivan games for that approach, as frankly Ambush Alley/Osprey and other rules companies of late seem to have lost the "user-bility" factor or even any thoughts of proof reading and seem to happily miss out content like tables?

Ok before I go off on a rant about a certain rule set that wound me up. I should say, may be I am being a little high in expectations from Iron Ivan, games given they are a small company. And they certainly seem to have produced a much better rule book than the AA/Osprey debarcles of late. So that is a plus mark in their favour.

On the other hand, getting hold of there rules in this country is tough!
Iron Ivan don't do all their rules in PDF option, and searching the UK gaming stores shows few stocking them.

Their WW2 rule set, has been around a while and they have a good spread of expantions and other bits in their catalogue.

So for now.. I wait to play it and see. More to follow!


cmnash said...

I will follow your progress with interest as I'm looking at No More Room in Hell at the moment as well, and I agree with just about everything that you've said!

commissar80 said...

I spotted this game and also wondered myself how well it will play before buying, hope to see an update regarding NMRIH.