Thursday, 24 January 2013

Boltaction - Wargames Rules - Quick Observations.

Well tonight at the club, I watched a game of Warlord Games, new Boltaction Rule set being played.
A simple battle,, German SS force, of roughly a platoon with a tiger in support. Defending against a push through by a US infantry platoon and four shermans.. two 76mms and two other ordinary M4A  and a half track.

Now I didn't stop till the end. I was keen to see how it compared to playing Rules of Engagement by great escape games which is my first choice for 28mm WW2 games which this was.
(Sorry no photos).

Now the simple hits, gun classes etc all seemed perfectly straight forward, but the picking chits for each unit, out of bag, was well, to me, slowing the game down. It also seemed to break up any chance of allowing the actual use of ww2 coordinate infantry tactics and made it more luck than judgement for many things.

Now judging a rule set on just watching and not even playing the game is not a wise plan, and I always try and give a rule set three games before I make my mind up.. but I was dubious about Boltaction rules when I first read on line reviews and my sceptical nature has only grown toward it, now I have seen it played.

I won't draw final judgement till I play a game or get a rule book to read. I certainly won't be buying it, as I think Rules of Engagement has a far more historical feel and accuracy as far as any rule set can claim to be representative.
For now.. I wait to learn more and will post my findings as I go.

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