Saturday, 11 August 2012

Zombies, clutter and "that dreadful decision"

Hi Folks, (What follows may be some waffle, so apologies now) Zombies  
Well, yesterday we actually had some sunshine. Infact today is not too bad either.
So, having had a very crap day yesterday, I decided that I would spend some time in the afternoon, about 30 minutes to be precise, and take advantage of the sunshine to undercoat some figures.
I usually spray undercoat figures, in batches of around 20 to 30, using my spray booth. Thought the booth is designed to do this, the over spray quickly clogs up the filter and the fan hasn't quite got the umph needed to draw all the over spray away, so I still tend to wear a filter mask.

So, given the fact the sun was out. I nipped out side, and began operation zombie spray!
The net effort being to get all my remaining zombie 28mm figures undercoated. This was slightly delayed by the necessity to actually dust the miniatures as they had been sat on the shelf far too long and got covered in dust.
Once that was done, I quickly went through what was left of can of white GW primer out side on the drive. Thankfully there was a constant wind, so was actually able to stand up wind and spray in safety. Fine particulates and lungs do not mix well.. so spraying, sanding (resin and MDF in particular) etc are best done with a mask or out side in a well ventilated area.
Anyhow.. zombies done! Well undercoated. I shall now start the speed painting of these to get them onto the table. They have been a stalled project for far too long. And as they are ready, based and only needed painting I have decided they are the first to knock off on the list. Also gives me a ready to go game once done.
Whilst I was digging out the large stash of zombies, I was marvelling at the huge piles of clutter in my painting room. Infact, too much! Correction.. waaaaaay, too blooming much! Excuse my french.
Quite seriously, its now gotten to a rediculous level of clutter. If it is not piles of paper work (I accumulate those with speed, due to other hobby activities and pastimes), its parts of projects or RPG books. That influx rate, coupled with my gaming horder gene = clutter!

So, I had a bit of clear up for an hour or two today and barely scratched the surface! So this is another operation that shall need to be returned too. Whilst I was doing it thought, I started to look at my collection of minis and thinks of some of the un-finished or unstarted projects sitting in the wings waiting their turn!

"That dreadful decision"

All miniature wargamers are hoarders. I have yet to meet one who isn't. If you don't think you are a hoarder, just ask your self how many miniature periods/scale/rule sets you have, and how many are "waiting to be finished" or " nearly finished" or even waiting to be started.. ??

Be honest now.. !!

Anyhow, for me I have a few to say the least, I was going to list them, but then decided that frankly it would have only depressed me further. But the realisation dawned.
I game once a week (though occasionally at a weekend, now and then through the year). You can only play one game at a time. And I have far too many figures sitting waiting to be painted.
Something has to give! Yes, its time to rationalise i have to admit. Not just that I have too many projects, but the fact I am running out of space. Part of the clutter issue has been the boxes for this and that, that related to other projects sitting in places they shouldn't due to a lack of space.

So yes, I am going to have to sort the clutter out. And that may mean some figures being sold. I get great ideas in my head about what periods/battles/systems I was play and then tend to hunt down figures etc, then something else comesa long and the "oh shiny" syndrome kicks in with avengance and so other projects fall by the way side.

So yes it is time to be cruel and cut back! I cannot actually believe I am saying that, but then the reality is, I could barely move in my painting room, infact I coldn't actually paint due to the piles of things kicking around.

I am starting to admire that rare breed of gamer who only plays 2 or 3 systems and thats it. How do they do it?

So, yes, its time to review the troops and apply some cut backs! So wish me luck!


Crazy Joe said...

Do it: you know it makes sense!

I had a clear out earlier this year - even chucked some stuff in the bin - and I feel much better for it. I can now actually see where my obsession is leading . . .


Goose on the loose said...

I admire your focus there Joe. I am working on disposing of the non gaming clutter, prior to considering the game clutter.

But I suspect some "gaming clutter" shall have to go!

I have some miniatures now many years old bought for projects and never used. And though its hard, I know that some will probably need to go.

I suspect though it could be quite cathartic in a way.

Anonymous said...

I cleared out some clutter recently too. It's tough, but at the same time kind of a relief when you accept that "I'll probably never get around to that project." Good luck on making the choices.

lrqan said...

No matter how much decluttering I do the various boxes magically fill just as quickly.

Goose on the loose said...

Yeh the choices bit is the hard part.

And Irqan, I know the issue, though this year it has been more non gaming clutter than gaming clutter.. but then I already had a bucket of gaming clutter.

I guess there just comes a time to suck it up and crack on!