Monday, 6 August 2012

Deathwatch RPG - A weekend of fun..

Well, I had two games of Deathwatch this weekend just past. The first I was playing in, was run by a friend of mine Steve. Our brave party of space marines attempted to recover a strange and odd ancient war device/doomsday type weapon from under the clutches of the Tau.
It was the adventure from the GMs Screen booklet. Or at least part of it. Had some very interesting moments.

The second game was run by me, on the sunday. Was a good game. The players seemed to enjoy it. It was mostly a laying down on plot and info and a warm up mission to get the players thinking and working to gather.

They successfully infiltrated some ruins that the Tau were showing significant interest in and located an old biologis research facility. They avoided letting loose some specimens. And though they were ordered not to engage, or give away their presence, they did wind up capturing a Tau Etherial caste member and getting away with it.
The second part to the game, didn't quite go as smoothly as the one marine got a bit impulsive due to his hatred of Tau and their carefully planned assault on a comms relay position, was more brute force and bolter-shell affair.

The Tau Commander did manage to get a salvo of rockets away before the marines gunned him down. Unfortunately the rockets did near kill one of the marines. The permanent spending of a fate point, leaving him alive but with a severe injury.

Thank fully the tide of battle was in the marines favour and despite the injuries they were able to destroy their target before the Tau, mysteriously started bombarding their own position with long range plasma munitions.

Deathwatch is an interesting game. As starting characters, the simple fact you are playing Astarte's means the characters are quite formidable. And players can literally scythe their way through hordes of xenos at times. We are not using the errata'ed weapon rules. Something will have to look at for future times maybe if it looks too easy for them.

But if you want a RPG system where even basic characters are pretty tough, try Deathwatch.

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