Saturday, 9 June 2012

New intro video from Dwarven Forges Creator!

Well any of my regular readers will know I am a bit fan of Dwarven Forge 3D Dungeon Terrain system.
I started collecting my own sets many moons ago. Part of the appeal has been the knowledge that the Creator, Stefan Pokorny was a D&D fan and had a real enthusiasm for the product and idea behind it.

So here is a new Introduction Video, done by DF featuring Stefan and a few sneaky peaks around 4.00 run time of some new wall pieces and a barn set.

The acting could be improved may be.. :)

But its nice to hear from Stefan directly.
Will always be thankful he created Dwarven Forge, as its played a good part of many of roleplaying games and really helped bring the scenes to life and make it special for my players.


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