Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dungeon Bashing with Warrior Heroes - badly!

Hi Folks,
Well our illustrious games master, Colin, was a no show last week at the club, due to work.
So having hauled out a box or two of Dwarven Forge, in preperation for the second level, of the on going warrior heroes. Stephen, decided to run a quick impromptu game.

So we splashed out about 12CE a warband and I threw out a dungeon layout with my DF pieces.

The following was made from;
2x Room and Passage sets.
1x Room set.
and the arrow loops and a five tonne block from traps two, but  these could easily be done without.

The layout. Used most of three sets of Dwarven Forge to make it. Two room and passage sets and one room set.
I kept the rooms small ish and made a simple layout. Stephen wanted at least three starting corridors for the party.

The basic premise was, we parties were raiding a dungeon to get the bid bad evil wizards treasure. I think! :)

Anyhow, we each had a warband and we each began, at a point of our choosing.
I apologise now, but not much of a write up, on the game. But it was fun, and though we might have broken the rules in one or two spots, we all had a laugh.

Keep an eye out for the Goblin Tea party (Goblins, in khazakstan type outfits from "The Baggage Train"). Its great shot.

Goblin Tea Party Moment - The heroes burst in just as they are decidign which course to have!

In leaps a hero to save the day. A few wild swings later, the goblins look like they have the upper hand.

The goblins get stuck in.
All in all, a quick and mad game. Each corridor section had potential traps and though the flounced the rules a little, it was a fun game, if brief and sadly un-concluded. But we started late.

This week, we hope to play the intended game, so the Dwarven forge will likley be making another appearance.

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