Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Triples - Just around the corner!

So it is that time of year again!.. Triples Wargames Show in Sheffield, is this coming weekend.
And as usual, I have very few pennies in my gaming piggy bank. Boo hoo! Blasted cars!
But it is usually a pretty good day out, so still looking forward to it!
Some friends are stopping over for the two days this time, but I will be making a one day raid.

It does not do ones financial health much good to linger in the harsher climes of Sheffields gaming token extraction zonefor too long!

So what is on my shopping list.. hmmm..



Nadda! Yep, nought! Zilch!

I mean, nothing. Absalutely nothing!

For once I have got to the week before a show and cannot think of what I actually "need" or "want".

So looking at things logically!

1). New Releases? - Hmmm are there any?? Not seen or heard of any and frankly I have too much on the go that is not getting "go-ed" as it shoud now, so no point jumping at something new.

2). Completeing existing projects? - Nope. Well catered for, except someone may be kindly bringing along some SST bits for me. So guess that counts in this catagory.

3). Essentials (paints, brushes etc) - Again, nope. Due to a diabolical lack of painting on my behalf, I think I am pretty well catered for. Which usually just means I have forgotten what it is I will need and thus two days after the show, will discover to my horror as I attempt to paint the one thing I have found motivation to do, only to discover I cannot.. Arrrr!! (Small Irish things, called Murphy, it is all their fault!)

4). Bring and Buy - Hmm this is always pot luck. But as with 2), unless something really tasty and very cheap comes up.. I am actually not planning to do much. I have a few odds and ends I might, just might put on the B+B to get rid of. Which might just increase the piggy bank for spendies.

So it is certainly going to be an interesting day, purchases wise. But thankfully as well as buying stuff, there are usually some really nice looking games to browse, watch and join in on. So i might actually get to give one a go for a change!

Thus I will be spending this evening, attempting to discover what it is I have forgotten and actually ned from the show!.

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