Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Finding Players - A gamers nightmare at times..

Hi Folks,
Well I am fairly lucky. I have a large and well attended gaming club near by which I regularly attend.
So playing wargames is not a big problem. However though the club does have the occasional roleplaying game (usually run by me), finding fellow roleplayers to participate in a game is never easy.

Infact, its very difficult at times, especially if you live away from any of the major towns. Well certainly in the UK.

So whilst I am searching for some players for a Pathfinder game I am planning to run at a friends in Crewe, I came across the two following site;


Which at least offer a quick visual reference and search feature for local players.

Its funny how many times I have heard of gamers, suddenly discovering that just down the road were fellow gamers, who have been there for years, but never knew.

So I thought I would share these for my UK based readers, incase they were of interest. The also covers further afield too for my US cousins or those even further afield.

So hoep they prove useful.

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