Friday, 16 March 2012

Tables Sir.. thousands of them..

Arh the humble table!. Where would the hobby be with out the humble table. The ever ready battle field. No geography too excotic, no terrain that cannot be fought upon, with the application, of terrain and imagination.

Simply put, we owe a lot to the humble table. Though some fortunate fellows may have the money to have purpose gaming tables, the majority of us, rely upon cheaper and more utilitarian bretheren to serve our needs.

OK enough waffle..

We found some sturdy, robust (if people use them properly and don't trap the handles when putting them away that is.. grrr) tables online. For Sub £40 a pop. Plastic with metal fold out legs, the tables fold in half meaning they are roughtly 3'x2.5' when folded away. So pretty compact.

I bought 12 last year for the club, as we had space to store them. And I grabbed two for my self, and a friend also got two for his own use.
Last week at the club, having reviewed the finances stringently and put forward a great business model, and cost balance analysis, where by the costs would be covered (ie, we had extra people, and turnout at the club and extra funds).. our beloved leader and Chairman said and I quote "sod it, get six".

I am hoping he was refereing to tables, or I would be in trouble. He was playing a game of Dystopian Wars at the time. :)

Anyhow.. some club members wishes more for their own use too.

Tables for the club and club members. Aint gonna fit in my car!
And so I ordered monday morning. And paid for the following day AM delivery. And you guessed it.. 1pm came and went and no delivery. Rang and said.. oi! It was apparently on its way.
At 2.45pm a big truck arrived with a pallet. Unfortunately though the pallet had my name upon it. It did not contain tables. But ten electic treadmills.. which were probably worth five times our tables. But not quite as handy.. So rang the company again.. err the courier was blamed for sticking the wrong sticker on the pallet.

Any how, another promise of arrive the following day and low and behold.. same truck and driver arrives. With pallet, this time with tables. YAY!
Though I could have probably done with the tread mills.. but I feared a lynching at the hands of the club members.
So..with a bit of help from Micks works van, and Mick and Paul the tables were lugged off the pallet into the van and down to the club on thursday night.

By the way this is what the tables look like..  Up.

So now the club has 22 of its own tables and several more club members have their own. Given we hire in tables at about for Gauntlet, our club show. Paying out £34.99 for these each, means aslong as we get a coupel of years use or more out of them. They have effectively paid for them selves. So not bad. Oh they come in two colour choices.. white and green and are 6' x 2'6" wide when setup.

So thats the tale of tables.. Sorry not really model related, but sort of essential in a way.


Zombie Ad said...

Perfect. I have one of those exact tables which I use for a 'side table' i.e. to put the armies on and I also use it sometimes when I've got a big project underway and need more room to out all the bits. They're awesome and VERY sturdy, good job!

Goose on the loose said...

Yes they are about the sturdiest we have found for the price.

For the price, they are very good value. And being able to fold in half, means not too bad on the storage side either.