Thursday, 15 March 2012

Magnets and Interchangeable weapons etc.

One of the more popular techniques that has grown in recent years is the use of rare earth element magnets, to allow model parts to be attached and intechanged or removed for storage etc.

There are lots and lots of you tube videos on the subject. So I won't be going into the technical details. However someone asked me if I new a UK supplier.
I didn't at the time. However I do now

Found the link in a you tube video.

The other source appears to be ebay for many.

Size wise, I am still looking into this. Partly for my starship troopers miniatures. But also partly as some scenery pieces that I fancy making to be able to seperate for storage.

So any way a brief post on the topic.


Zombie Ad said...

Thakns for the link. It's an area I've not quite managed to get my head around would like to. Cheers

Goose on the loose said...

No, me neither.. not had the guts yet to try it. I would say have a good trawl on you tube. Some good and some bad videos on techniques..

Tips I have picked up so far.
1). Use paper clip to hold the magnets whilst working.
2). Use plastic non ferrous materials to hold magnet in place and slide paper clip away.
3). Green stuff and superglue for holdign them in place.
4). Setup a consistant scheme for which way you want your polarities to work.
5). Mark the one side of the magnet, according to your scheme, of positive in or out as it were etc and avoid finding you have two positives facing each other.

Don said...

I use the rare earth magnets on my dreadnoughts for WH40K. It really works out nice. I like the fact that you can take it apart for storage in the figure case and you can also turn the model to face the attacker or targets easier.