Friday, 14 October 2011

Warhammer Historicals - Half Price Sale!..

Yes, I was shocked when I first saw a post on TMP about it. Warhammer Historical were having a sale. Given they are subsidiary of the Games Workshop, who are renown throughout all lands for "never" having a sale. It was quite a shock.

Well some time ago at the Phalanx Wargaming show, My self and Mick bought two model pirate ships complete with crew figures. That being a couple of years ago now, they have sat and never been used.

The other night Mick mentioned he had tried a Warhammer historicals rule set for pirates which included ships combat and so, when the sale was announced I ordered a copy.

Warhammer Historicals - Legends of the High Seas

The book arrived today along with a copy for Mick. Its a nice glossy colour production. Perfect bound and reasonable paper weight. Lots of art work and images. And looks interesting.

There is some history on various pirates of renown etc and reference sheets in the back with some templates etc.

I will do a fuller review at a later date. Once I have had a chance to read through it. But I am told it is loosely based upon the Lord of the Ring system which I believe GW have since dropped.

The Warhammer Historicals wild west are apparently also a derivative of this LOTR set too.
So, will post some views and reviews once we get a game or two on the way.

And of course, in the meantime. Their half price sale is continuing. Bringing their usually higher than average prices down to more average market levels.

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The Extraordinarii said...

I always wondered if pirate wargaming would be any good, I look forward to some batreps.