Monday, 10 October 2011

Injury and Ebay - Preventing progress.

Hi Folks, Firstly apologies for the lack of progress. But a colision between an axe and my thumb has left me with a extremely badly bruised thumb, which had gone a lovely colour of blue/grey/purple and hurts like hell. Thus I am blaming this for the lack of progress of late.. hey, we all have to have our excuses.

Seriously though. I am hoping to get a little bit done this week if I can. And will post some progress shots as I go.

Ebay - that lovely world of crazy! I have been hunting down the odd bit here and there, and spotted some SST figures I fancied. I was about to bid when the price shot up. To £103.99 for three figure!

This is not the first time either. In recent times, I have seen SST figures reach what I frankly believe to be obscene values. I have happily paid reasonably high prices for some in the past and some might argue that the figures I have paid, were too high. But even I have my limits (apart from the obvious lack of cash as it were).

So if you have some SST figures that you don't wish to hang onto, it seem the market is rich at the moment. I suspect a fall off in prices will occur, as seems the general trends with such things. So it may be time to jump in with the bits you don't need sooner than later.

I will be checking to see if I have some spares in my collections later.

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