Sunday, 18 September 2011

Gifted Painters - The boundary between gaming and modelling

If you have never come across this gentleman's work before, and you are a particularly a fan of WW2 period. Then do take a moment to have flick through his blog and pictures.

Using a lot of static modelling techniques, he is able to get some outstanding finishes on what are pretty ordinary wargames models. Also he does a fair bit of alterations, such as extra stowage etc.

Now I my own painting, has improved over the years. My first ever miniatures were some dark angel beaky marines from the original platoon box set of plastics around 1990's or there abouts. They are over done, not undercoated and my brush control was dire.

Over the years, despite the periods away from the hobby, I have managed to learn a few things here and there and have even taken on the dreaded airbrush. A handy tool for bigger projects but one I am still mastering for the smaller individual pieces.

But I know, that though my painting is OK, to "table standard" as I like to refer to it. And a few people have said its better. The compliments I accept kindly. I know there are some who, through hard work and talent, do get results that are just stunning.

So have a look through the blog here.
And see what you think.

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