Sunday, 18 September 2011

Getting side tracked. The perils of gaming.

So its Sunday night and I am looking back at what I have achieved this week. Or that should really be, what I haven't achieved this week.

Alas, the usual story struck, where I meant to do a few certain things. Not much I was thinking, but they would help keep progression with regards to my Vietnam and Starship Troopers projects. But nope. A complete fail.

Oh I can blame it on many things, and some of them are even quite legitimate excuses. But they won't change a thing. So this week I am going to try a big harder.

But I have a club gaming weekend at the end of it, and I have some figures I need to get assembled and base coated for it. I won't have time to get them completely painted, but as its a giant game of space hulk I am planning, its not a worry.

It is more board game than wargames, but as we have all weekend to play it. It should be quite fun. Will be using my home brew skirmish rule set, which contains a few RPG type elements.

Will hopefully get a few photos and get them posted up.

However, this lack of progress did get my thinking. Which is dangerous some would say.
Firstly, I am not sure if I am alone, but going by a few friends, I am not; In being unable to get regular progress made on projects. I definitely fall into the "sporadic" category.

So anyhow, before I bore you to death. Keep and eye out this week for a few posts as I try and get things rolling once more.


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The Extraordinarii said...

I hear you mate, everyone goes through a bit of that, what helps me get things rolling again are things like watching a movie relating to that period, reading a book, magazine and browsing through other peoples efforts, hope that helps, cheers.