Sunday, 25 November 2012

I'm alive! Well sort of..

Hi Folks,
Firstly another apology about the lack of postings of late. New job has meant a sudden and dramatic decrease in spare time and energy levels.

So.. well an update.. errr!

1) Zombies project = stalled..
2) Vietnam Project = stalled..
mmmm I spy a trend!

3) Mongoose Starship Troopers Project = hmmm can you guess?? ..... well actually its moved on a little. Only a little mind, but I have made some progress.. or more precisely, some more purchases!

I found a box each of cougar and grizzly power armoured suits via the personal collection of a local gamer. And then back in Oct an impulse buy got me some painted figures, though sadly these took a battering in the post, and so are now in need of repairs before being able to get onto the table. :(

It is scant progress admittedly but it is at least some progress.

As an aside, I am about to run a 40k campaign for 8 players in our club. I am just umpiring for them. The sides have been picked and each player starts with a 2000pts force.

First session of planning and first campaign turns should take place in early December and games to follow as and when. I will try and get a general over view of the info as the campaign goes along.

So.. going back to zombies quickly!

Well, its going to be interesting to see at some point..  I haven't read the book, but what I can gather from other comments else where on the net, is that the film only loosely follows the book.

So time shall tell how good it is.. filmed up in Glasgow, for some of the city and battle of Yonkers scenes, apparently.


lrqan said...

Chin up mate. All projects hit a hump. It'll all settle down soon and zoombies, vietnam et al will reign supreme.

lrqan said...

Hope you're feeling better. I've put you forward for my Liebster Award it's a bit of fun floating around the blog-o-spere to try and advertise thsose sites you like. Rules are on my site and about.

Goose on the loose said...

Cheers. Thats a very nice thought. Thanks. :)