Saturday, 16 June 2012

Phalanx Wargames Show Report with Photos

The St Helens Spartans put on Phalanx each year around the same time in June.
And it is usually just two weeks before Gauntlet our own Club Show.

And being local and well attended, its a regular on our show list to make.

So off we trudged at just after half past eight in the morning, down the motorway.
Over the bridge and along a bit.

Got to the a show, booked my bits into the Bring and Buy, and then went for a walk around.

£3 entry.

And the bring and buy is 10% without any "per sheet charge".

The morning was busy. And the bring and buy was heaving till about 11.30am when it quietened down a bit. The spartans run the best bring and buy I know, so despite my failing to sell much, it was run well and I felt confident to leave things on there.

Sadly, I learned that poor Andy Lyon from Ainsty Castings had had his stock stolen from his van, at his home the night before. Including painted figures, and display pieces. See here.
He had bravely decided to come with what he was able to put to gather and it was humbling to see several people buying things they may well have held off buying, to try and help out a little. He has a cracking range of resin scenery.

So here are the photos of the show, taken late in the day, so the numbers look way worse than they were. But hopefully you can see the games that were run;

A random shot of the hall.

It was busier than it looks. I took these late in the day.

A good mix of traders I felt this year. Like it.
Sorry didn't catch the details on this game.

e-Collectica Games, running a demo of a new boardgame

The very popular Dr Who game I believe. A regular at shows but the game always differs slightly. A game for all ages.

Very large scale Cowboys game.

A nicely done display and table. Liked it alot.

A big layout and lovely scenery. Very british civil war I believe.

This board had good atmosphere. Enjoy it.

I think the only let down was the pure grey road surfaccing, some cobbles some break up etc would have been nice.

But still a very very impressive partificaption game.

I hope those vehicles come up behind are friendly..!

Somehow the telephone box, just set this scene nicely.

I liked the terraced housing.

The Battle of Amphipolis. Lovely miniatures and wall.

The game was well advanced by the time I approached with the camera. Looks good though.

Nice figures and painting. Infact standard was good for all tables.

A VBCW game by MAWS members, put on last minute. Simple but effective.

Great 40K orc conversions from the St Helen Spartans MAWS, display table Not played with, but nice table. Good use of Mr Potato head and some kinder eggs! 

Display table I believe by St Helens Spartans.

Loved the Orc 40K planes.
Orc dino riders with missiles.. scary!

Large table. Battle of Edge hill with black powder. Looked impressive.

Edge hill.

Edgehill battle table. Some close ups on the cavalry.
Pikes at the ready.

Centre area stand off.

I though the unit labels were a nice touch.

A nice set of figures.

The game seemed to be going very well and was busy.
The East Lancs association game. Very busy indeed.

A local St Helens Fools and Heroes LARP Group Table. Nice show of props but needed more easily viewable info.

The other side of the East Lancs Wargamers Assoc board.

Critical Mass Demo tables. Like the sci-fi tres.

Not a big fan of the Critical Mass rules system, but some of the figures are nice. And I believe they are now selling these tree stumps as resin casts for their alien trees.  

The scenery and figure scemes really looked good.

Cammoflage that nearly works. :)

Critical mass figures. Some nice pieces in the range.

Hmm not sure which game this was. Sorry. Poor memory.

Lance and Longbow Table, behind the players.. Will with his shiny head, beating someone for a change! I think.

"Look I am winning" or its his Paul Daniels impression. Actually he was loosing, but apparently he was "supposed to loose!"  

Hmm thats a lot of Pike. Oh my.

Will about to roll.. not sure if he won in the end or not. Had to leave early.

Warlord Games, Operation Squad rules gaming table. Figures and scenery looked nice.

Warlord games table, from the german side.

Warlord games table again. I suspect the "mix" of models was more for show than, actual represent an average game.
So, at about 3pm I had to head off. So collected my bring and buy stuff and headed home. Sadly did not sell as much as I want. But did get some Deathwatch RPG books and some resin scenery pieces.

Was a good day. Despite horrid weather. Felt very sorry for Andy Lyon, standing red-eyed and obviously worn out at his stand, but admired his determination to show up and still trade after such a horrid event. I hope his stuff turns up and they catch the thieving scumbags!

So once more. Many thanks to the St Helens Spartans for putting on a great show. I managed to get 80 plus flyers for Gauntlet put out too. We are only just down the road, so if you are reading this and made Phalanx, please give some thought to coming along to
Gauntlet (7th & 8th of July).


Fire at Will said...

Paul Daniels! I have to explain once again, his historically the Spanish lost the battle of Ravenna 1512, so by commanding the Spanish I couldn't do worse better than history, and yes I lost. Unfortunately I didn't win the star player prize of killing the French commander, who wisely (he's played me before) kept out of the way!

Anonymous said...

Lovely report! There are so many great shows innthe UK... I definately need to move!

lrqan said...

Thanks for the post mate. I really wanted to go but alas I was working in the am and my youngest's 9th birthday in the pm. Your report makes up for missing it though. I too liked the 'Northern' Town in a 'Very British Civil War.' Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nice comments about the VBCW game. We won Best Demo Game at the Show and Best Game at the Show (absolutely gobsmacked!!).
I have pondered on the idea of cobbles but decided against it as there were some tarmaced roads. One idea we talked about on saturday was using printed sheets of cobbles for some of the side roads so there was a mixture. The houses would hide the edges of the sheets.

Goose on the loose said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Yes we get a lot of shows here in the UK. Practically two each weekend. There is some debate if that is a good or bad thing. But personally I think more shows the better, as long as they don't all try to do the same thing.

Our club show Gauntlet, is run far differently from Phalanx for example. Phalanx show is primarily a shopping show. Lots of traders, with some demo games thrown in to show the figures in action. Gauntlet is a tournament and players show where primary focus is for player, to just that. Play!. :)

Irqan, can you make Gauntlet? 7th - 8th July? Phalanx is only 30mins from our club.

@ Anonymous.. I am not surprised you won. I was looking for the notices etc but didn't see them, hence couldn't say who won what.

If you look at some northern towns, side roads, and some road junctions are still cobbled today or bricked. Though not northern, crewe has still got a few in some of the side streets and around the indoor market. But that tiny points aside, I think the table was great. Well deserved win in my view. Some other nice tables too. But liked yours. A propper scale too ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics, very nice and yes I did beat Will and have learnt not to ever get my commander near his figures.

It was a really good day and thanks to all involved espeically those who were there all weekend.



beren zed said...

couldnt make it unfortunatley as work is mental at minute - looks like a really good show - great report again - hope ainsty gets his tuff back - sounds like someone new he was going to do that shitty trick - all the best from penkridge wargames

The Dozing Dragon said...

Great show, always enjoy meeting up with people and having a good mooch around. Good report!