Friday, 13 April 2012

Clambering in dusty places..

OK, so last night, I put on an Moderns 28mm afghanistan game. Using my modified Rules of Engagement, rule system.
The basic pretence was a SAS unit, guarding some downed US pilots whilst the british arrived to rescue them.

The Taliban were very agreesive and it was a good game. A close tie over all. the pilots were got out, but the british troops lost one man and two were wounded.

I think i only got the one photo of the game, but will do a write up later.

Just been clambering in dusty places, hauling out a lot of big boxes of dwarven forge scenery for the club weekend. :).

Off to the club shortly to help lug tables from the storage room up to the hall and set things out. Then back for fish and chips dinner. And then up bright and early.

Playing a dungeon bash using Warrior Heroes, so a chance to dig the DF and get some usage.. been a few years since it saw action alas, as my regular fantasy roleplaying stopped, due to various reasons.

Has got me thinking about getting back into it.

Anyhow, the good old fun of lugging tables is about to begin, so better get my backside down to the club. And its just started raining.. oh the joys!

Will try and take some photos of the weekend and get them posted up next week.

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