Monday, 9 January 2012

Something for Free! - Basic Fantasy Role Playing

You see a lot of "free" things on the internet here and there. And generally you write them off as cheap promotionals or purely free hooks to get you too take out your wallet to buy something else.

But I am actually a little shocked and a very pleased to be able to say, I have found something quite good. Infact I think it is very good. A free D20 Roleplaying system. It says it is mobified version of 3.5.. now not sure if they mean D&D 3.5ed, or the generic D20 system. Probably the latter.

I decided having found a link on TMP, in a thread about dungeon crawls and "light" rpg games, to flick through and see. And I must say I was impressed.

Having read a lot of free publications on the net. This one is very well done and worth alook if you like D&D and roleplaying games.

So, if you enjoy fantasy table top roleplaying. Why not take a quick look.

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