Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sudden silence.. appologies..

Apologies. I have not been able to post anything of late, due to a severe lack of progress gaming wise. The run up to the festive holidays has meant I have been a little side tracked with thorny issues such as job hunting.

That aside, I still have progressed basing issue with my zombies. They are now at least washed and dried and just need, a clean up and then milliputing and epoxying to the 2pence pieces.

I was hoping to get some done today, but circumstances have once more conspired against me.

Whilst talking about zombies.. I spotted a reference to this film, someone posted on TMP.

Given it came out in 2010 and I have only just discovered it, and that the rating sites, seem to be floating around about 6 out of ten.. I suspect it won't be a genre leader.. But it does appear to have reverted to the good old shambling type zombies. Hordes and hordes of slow but unceasing undead..

Which I kind of like.. so will be one to see at some stage.. I am sure there will be some gaming ideas to be borrowed from it. More updates to follow..

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Zombie Ad said...

Caught this at the 5th annual festival of zombie culture, pretty good, except for the hammy general at the end.